Frequently Asked Questions

The Gold Shield Campaign is an awareness campaign that uses various forms of mass media to 1) educate the public about the Veteran suicide epidemic that has been going on in our country for far too long and 2) encourage businesses large and small to take action as part of the solution and become Gold Shield Members.

Local retailers sign up for a Gold Shield membership for just 75 cents a day. This enables us to provide consistent and comprehensive advertising – promoting member businesses via Gold Shield’s radio, television, public billboards and social media campaign, all while bringing awareness and support to these important causes.

Wherever you see our Gold Shield decal, whether that be online, in a participating business, or via a company that is a Gold Shield member.

The Gold Shield Campaign helps veterans who are plagued by the continuous epidemic of Veteran Suicide, on average, 22 Veterans are committing suicide every day.  Gold Shield members direct 100% of donations to Veteran non-profits of their choice.

At this current time, Gold Shield’s primary goal is to end Veteran PTSD. Our intentions are to bring awareness to what has taken the lives of more Americans than the Vietnam war. Realistically – double the amount of members of our military who died during the Vietnam war have died since the war ended due to the epidemic of PTSD which ultimately led to their suicide. 

Our fundraising events are enrolling new members into The Gold Shield Campaign and filming testimonials/recording of radio spots of our merchant members.

Gold Shield is launching in all advertising venues; rolling out nationwide in strategic states to best use the advertising dollars, which can be provided for only .75 cents a day.

 The facts of the Veteran suicide epidemic are horrific. The the number of heroes who have, and continue to, die directly because of PTSD and lack of support for Veterans must be brought down dramatically. With the awareness that Gold Shield will bring to our nation, it is firmly believed that this awareness will be the first step in ending this epidemic. Uniting the public and merchants will provide the funding needed to find the solutions. With the support of Gold Shield members we can put an end to these problems once and for all.

Through membership dues that are provided annually by Gold Shield members. 

100% of the funds donated every year through The Gold shield Campaign are given to Non-profits of each individual members choosing. We help Veterans directly so that we can all put an end to this epidemic that has destroyed so many lives.

All donations made by our merchant members go directly to 501 (c) 3 Non-Profits. All Donations are tax exempt (subject to standard 501 (c) 3 non-profit donation rules). Membership dues are subject to tax write offs via advertising expenses and help The Gold Shield Campaign ensure 100% of donations are made available for the non-profits which need them.

(A) Through our website at www.thegoldshield.us/contact we are available to help at any time.

If you have an interest in truly doing your part in ending the Veteran suicide epidemic; by becoming a Gold Shield Member, you can. Your business’ sales will increase due to our tremendous level of advertising, and your assistance financially will directly help those that are plagued by the tragedies of Veteran suicide. It’s something your customers would like to know your company does, and in turn they will support your business more regularly.

The Gold Shield welcomes any and all businesses, small and large, to The Gold Shield Campaign. What matters is the desire for these businesses to help these causes and to promote their businesses

Simply run your business as you normally would, continue to grow; and know that every improvement you make for your customers, employees, and yourself is now also growing support for those who are truly in need.

At the end of the tax year we ask you to be as generous as you can with a tax deductible donation. Donations are completely at your discretion. Your donation goes directly to organizations helping fight the Veteran suicide crisis.

Look us up at www.thegoldshield.us

We point all those who wish to make an individual donation to these causes toward the organizations on our Featured Veteran Organizations page.

The Gold Shield Campaign has a strategic marketing plan with exposure via radio, television, social media and other venues.

The campaign lets consumers, old and new, known of your effort in coming to the front line in battling the Veteran suicide epidemic.

The Gold Shield Campaign guarantees that the work of our organization will increase customer awareness for your business. Exposure to the Gold Shield brand, which is publicized through television, radio, print, out of home, social media, and other forms of digital and practical advertising, will strengthen your consumer loyalty, and strengthen your ability to grow as a company.

Our minimal price of just .75 cents a day for your company’s membership is per location. Such a nominal fee is a worthwhile investment, in that your company will receive a tremendous amount of advertising exposure via our national television, radio, and social media campaigns. (Membership dues are based on the assumption of brick and mortar locations/franchising, dues for companies outside of this model will be handled fairly on a case-by-case basis.)

Please, Contact us if you have any other questions.

The Gold Shield Campaign is saving Veterans’ lives nationwide.