Media Supporters

Celebrity Supporters

Many celebrity supporters endorse The Gold Shield Campaign. Here are a few:

Tony Lo Bianco

Esteemed, Actor / Writer / Director / Producer. Tony is a proud & patriotic American, and lifetime supporter of Veterans. He is the winner of The New York’s Finest Foundation Humanitarian Award and Law Enforcement Support Foundation of America Award, among many others. Tony is the National Spokesman for The Gold Shield.

Now, more than ever, we must remember those who did and gave so much before”

Listen to Tony Lo Bianco’s passion for our Veterans in his reading of the poem, Just a Common Soldier » 

Frank Morano

TV/Radio commentator and independent political activist.

“Let’s also remember all of the Veterans that have been lost to suicide. There were 7,519 last year alone (more than all the combat deaths since 9/11). You’d think this would be a bigger news story than politicians sniping at one another. This is a tragedy.”

Listen to Frank Morano support The Gold Shield on his morning radio show » 

Joe Piscopo

Actor, comedian, performer, a legend on and off the set. While he aids in many causes, veterans are at the top 

Listen to Joe Piscopo endorse The Gold Shield on The Joe Piscopo Show » 

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Kevin McCullough

Political/cultural commentator and radio host. 

Listen to Kevin McCullough talk passionately about The Gold Shield on Kevin McCullough Radio » 

Mike Gallagher

Best selling author, actor, and huge supporter of the law enforcement, military and Veteran communities. 

Mike Gallagher talks about The Gold Shield on his national radio show »

Strategic Partners

Members of our community who are fighting for the same mission as The Gold Shield.

Mykel Hawke

Mykel Hawke is a retired Special Forces Combat Commander, Senior Sergeant, and military spokesperson for the Gold Shield. Mykel is an established, venerated Survival Expert, Martial Artist & Adventure Guide. Hawke has been Host & Producer for 8 TV series and featured on over 50 shows.

Mr. Hawke is licensed as a National Paramedic, State Sheriff & Federal Radio Operator, using his skills & security clearance to contract for the U.S. Government Overseas and in the states supporting the State & Defense Departments as well as SOCOM, (Special Operations Command) from which Hawke retires in 2020.


The WABC Family of the top radio personalities dedicated to ending the Veteran Suicide Epidemic has and continues to step to the front line.

Press Features

The Unknown Vet Column

The Unknown Vet is a weekly newspaper column written by an anonymous veteran to raise awareness of the needs of veterans, to make the public aware of all individuals and groups that appreciate our veterans and are contributing to making all veterans receive a proper “Welcome-Home.” 

March 4, 2021 | The Unknown Vet

My name is not important

My name is not important. What I have to say is. This column, distributed throughout America, will enable us to finally acknowledge the simple truth, and then actually do something about it. . .

March 14, 2021 | The Unknown Vet

The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

I am pleased to report that as a result of our last column, we have been contacted by a host of Veterans advocates, and a cadre of people-of-purpose, who have been awakened to action. . .

July 14, 2021 | The Unknown Vet

No One Left Behind

First, let me again thank all the readers who have expressed their support of my fellow Veterans by following my words, and joining our campaign to Save Veterans’ lives every day. . .

The Gold Shield Campaign is saving Veterans’ lives nationwide.