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The Gold Shield Membership

For just 75¢ per day, drive customers to your business and save lives.

As a Gold Shield Member, your business will immediately benefit from The Gold Shield marketing campaign, which offers ongoing promotion of our members through our media partners and celebrity supporters, as well as on all platforms, including Radio, Television, Newspaper, Online, and Social Media. 

Gold Shield Members also receive a Membership Package that contains signage identifying them as a Member in The Gold Shield business community. This includes window decals for storefronts, the choice of a banner or interior decal, and a number of marketing materials and handouts to help you attract customers who are interested in the good that Gold Shield Members are accomplishing!

Gold Shield Members agree to make a charitable donation for each tax year in which you are part of The Gold Shield business community. Donation amounts are at your sole discretion. By being a Gold Shield Member, you guarantee that 100% of your yearly donations go directly to the Veteran organization of your choosing  

Give a dollar or a million, the important part is that everyone is doing something to stop this National disgrace.

Gold Shield
Annual Membership

Just 75¢/day to help build better lives for Veterans.


Since 9/11 We Have Lost…

7,000+ troops in combat
140,000+ Veterans due to suicide

22 Suicides Every Day – How Can We Let This Continue? 

Veterans, who were out of the war zone, who had to face their own wars at home, alone. . .Let’s do this for those who came home but are still at war. Let’s help those who survived the war, survive the peace. 

It’s up to you and me, and this . . . is The Simple Truth.

Here's How We Turn 22 To ZERO

Businesses like yours sign up to become part of The Gold Shield community

Gold Shield runs a National Marketing Campaign, telling consumers to shop where you see the Gold Shielddriving customers to businesses that support Veterans, like yours.

When customers shop at your business, The Gold Shield lets them know their money is going towards helping Veterans in need, at no extra cost to them!


Your membership fees are deductible as an advertising expense, just like any advertising would be. 

In addition, we encourage our members to donate to the Veteran Organization of their choice. Your donations, which are totally at your discretion, are also deductible just like any charitable donation to a 501©3 nonprofit! 

Whether you give a dollar or a million, what’s important is we’re all doing something.


Donations from our members are used to fund organizations fighting for our Veterans on our home soil. Together we will change the country for the better by getting Veterans the support that they have earned through their sacrifices.

Veterans are dying by the hand of cancer at higher rates that the general population. As such, The Gold Shield recognizes Cancer Research donations qualifying for membership the same as making a Veteran Organization donation.

The Gold Shield membership fee helps us promote your business across the country, and create an ongoing source of funding for our nation’s great Veteran support organizations. 


The Gold Shield Campaign is saving Veterans’ lives nationwide.